About Us

26 Stars was created in 2010 to deliver highly memorable event experiences by marrying NYC’s best talents with the grandeur and execution found in theater and film.

26 Stars is the most exciting performers in the history of performers. If you are not using them, your event blows. “
— Rocco Ancarola, Nightlife Impresario

What We've Achieved

  • Over 5,000 events performed since 2010

  • Long-running Creative Director of the TAO Group

  • Costume Designer for Joffrey Ballet

  • Able to execute small to large scale productions

  • Create Unique experiences

  • Billions

Behind the Scenes

It’s not just fun and parties. Take a look at what goes into these events.

Our founder, Carmela Lane, discussing TAO’s annual Midsummer’s Night Eve party:

All costumes and props are designed in our studio.

Lots of prep: